I've been run through the IT gambit, from intern to Systems Engineer to developer.

Scroll down and take a jog through memory lane with me, or just check out my resume here.


Once I was done with school, I found myself with an unsettling void of 10 hours a week. I started my own development company and stay up late making things work.


Educated, with a piece of paper!

Graduated with a degree in Technology Administration from Washburn University.


Lets Build a Smart Grid!

In August of 2013, I took an oppertunity at a Northeast Kansas Power Company. This is where I started getting nudged into development on the web side. I came in as a Systems Administrator, and three years later I'm a mobile/web developer.


Certified and Dangerous

I decided to go grab a few certifications. I hold a COMPTIA NETWORKS+ and SECURITY+ Certifications. Both were very applicible to my roles in the company at the time, and help round out my expirence.


Working Local, Staying Local

August of 2011 I was blessed to slide my way into an interview at Mize, House, and Co. A fantastic IT consulting firm, I was pulling double duty as lead for the Windows Enterprise Architecture, as well as consulting to over 20 small businesses in and around Northeast Kansas.


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